Rain Man

by DJZEn

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This album is dedicated to Dan Willson and Austin Stemme for all they have taught me

All songs written and recorded by DJZEn

Guest appearances:
Ryan Johnston: acoustic guitar on the track rain man
James Westby: additional vocal sound layering on the track rain garden door
Austin Stemme: spoken word on song expressionist eye

Everything forever


released September 11, 2013



all rights reserved


DJZEn St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: rain garden door
Away your day in the garden, away your day in the sun shine, away your day in the rain, away your day in my mind. The eyes dripped storms from the stars, a great storm rumbles. I can feel it in my breath. Electric shocks me; the wind blows straight through the rock. I will be there when dust settles, and the stars come back down to the water. I sit near the clouds of mountains se the world, through an eye in the sky. I don’t know why they gave the good for so much less. The mind is a planet far away. One day you will see when the rain falls down already dirty. But now it slides down stone sheets so clean. None knows the future. The unknown beauty to me but for granted of others. I am a child, but I don’t think I will ever want to know that much. Once this storm has passed away, I will sail as the stars fall. Back in to Hir Ocean falling back from the sky. What do you really work on, what really makes you happy? Thinking, a pear now tears from my eye in the sky. An enemy of the sun. Keeps to the clouds, a rain man, tong never dry. I AM THE MOTHER OF ALL RAIN, fall, and never dry. Flesh of the grain of wet wood. No time binds me, and he walks alone. I watch as the stars sink into the ocean, tears, my eye can finally sleep. I cried an ocean.
Track Name: in winter
Pick up the phone.
Johnny running Johnny running. DIE DIE DIE. YAAAAAHHAHHHHHH! Browner. Runt. Browner. The swimming ocean, the flying sea, for all the rain trace back to me. The rats ride the cats’ cry, and I feast all night all night on your summer air one molecule at a time. Johnny running Johnny tripping. DIE DIE DIE TONIGHT. Hands on hands. Feet on feet. But what’s on the genital. Too many too many, too much too much

It was in winter time, it was in winter time, it was in the winter time, it was in winter, in winter time, it was in winter time, it was in winter time winter time winter time it was in winter in the summer time I was longing for winter time and it was summer when all I wanted was winter, all the time.
Track Name: dewing cased fog
Slow, slow and jagged. Bones and microchips sit and clank. The blood black as night. Never go never fly and never ding. That’s what they say they are scared of what they are already touching. No one thinks to look. Around exploration travel life beauty. And years years and years. Gold frost and coal steal the tear of Jupiter’s moon and take it greedily thirsty. Hungry for not of their own. The lava is bloodshed but the magma is love. As the core pulses. Everyone knows deep water, which was blue, won’t be for much longer. The tear not spills is all that he had. Taken away nothing, nothing, he has nothing left. He cant sleep just stare into his fathers red eye. Circling as the eclipse blows cold. Eternal iral relapseation. He faces forever. Long long long long. As the waters year and time disappears he grows so tired he has never slept but he is very tall. Age has touched him. Eye wide fixed until. He falls with an open eye. Sleep. Dreaming still alive made. But there is a problem because there is no time will he ever wake up will he ever accept his sleep that he wants so bad. To find out you have to go to where you wait to where. Who are you talking to, who are you talking to. Who are you talking to?
Track Name: snow finger
They’re coming crawling invading there everywhere in every now, they have come and never leave. You find them in your bed, on your toes, in your backpack and in your clothes. They crawl carrying little anti sponges with dirt and dong. Black backpacks beetles little crawlers n’ terds stiff and smelling stinking and I was. I don’t want them but nothing can be done. Walking through the darkness the pupil in the eye of time, thinking with no end restriction, it’s been so long. I’ve been crying so long to make oceans and lakes. So old but still a child still a kid. Older then any man, I’ve seen it all. I cry the tears of all who are too dead to cry. It’s all I have and it’s all I am. The stars so bright two times they fall from the sky. Now they’re all to distracted to stop and hear me whisper, to busy for peace not enough time for beauty.
Track Name: hail face
They’re coming crawling invading there everywhere in every now, they have come and never leave. You find them in your bed, on your toes, in your backpack and in your clothes. They crawl carrying little anti sponges with dirt and dong. Black backpacks beetles little crawlers n’ terds stiff and smelling stinking and I was. I don’t want them but nothing can be done. Walking through the darkness the pupil in the eye of time, thinking with no end restriction, it’s been so long. I’ve been crying so long to make oceans and lakes. So old but still a child still a kid. Older then any man, I’ve seen it all. I cry the tears of all who are too dead to cry. It’s all I have and it’s all I am. The stars so bright two times they fall from the sky. Now they’re all to distracted to stop and hear me whisper, to busy for peace not enough time for beauty.
Track Name: snow hand
I was born in the city on a snowy day it, was on a snowy day. Wake up to the sound of water leaves falling slow one at a time. Fingers drip, smell the water, ice cold eyes, see my world.

Have you seen snow, have you seen rain, snow. And hail. Have you seen me waiting for stars falling to relive my tears of sorrow.

Have you heard my cries pollute the night or my tears beating on the ground? For every last time I cry inside, its all for those already dead.

Have you made hell, did you give for so much less, have you seen my snow hand keep fixing to keep me hope for all of this world.

Do you know my name: RAIN MAN I am rain and hail and snow, I ask of you to keep watching me come down on the dying world below

Who is your father, I tell you now who is your father, I’m asking you now who is your father? Have you been watching your shadow enough? Have you seen someone tell you yourself? Who are you?
Track Name: the mice
Ever felt so cold it felt warm, well that’s what it is. Time goes on time blurs up but it seems there’s always something. Like the mice freezing in winter, I give them cold but without it they wouldn’t appreciate warmth: we have seen were mice, we are small in this time.
Track Name: cloud eyes
A day I stay, a day of what? A bridge into something else? The clouds are a part of myself. To doing force lost. To little live love gained. What are you? Where are you? What are you experiencing? I precipitation cry to you when my eyes hang dark with tears. A light in my sadness life my sadness. Without death there would be no sky and without sky there would be no life. Who is life? Pink beaming, cross speaking, hell steaming, crescent glowing, man smiling, gods all or is it all of all of all of all. This darn quick sand get me out of this ocean depth I’m no philosopher I’m a bored tired sad lunatic siting in the sky forever crying why listen to me? Why listen to yourself? Why listen to anyone? Just say your name over and over in your self never stop never take breath for air until you feel crazy and young. Forget about it so you can forget about it all. And remember where you are.
Track Name: time
Running falling as liquid machines take eating on what I hold close to me. There was a time when peace was law and nothing had power over us all. Time has slipped to hell; you tell me will it end well? Will the fountain run bare? How many will there be there? Reignite flame ovens, he tells if they’ll bake till explosion. Time tells as it happens, experience witness bloomed futures. Tell who you are, hell tell tales no one is left to hear, he tells us all gone, will he tell himself to go backwards? Who are you to try to be someone else? Just let him decide besides he never talks until it’s too late? All of this time I’ve been waiting, for just one response. Where did I go wrong, in this time of sorrow? How many stars can you see with a clouded eye? When will he tell this world gone? How many eternity must shed? Or is life just all in your head? I travel far across this time. Though I cant swim walk or fly. Answer me one who is not affected by time. Can time touch you? Have you seen me? What do I deserve? Have you a father or are you all alone?
Track Name: the institution
Well I’m tired of crying, stories to spill and I’m stuck, I’m in the institution, but they don’t have anything to teach, it’s really just a cell. When outside becomes a dream. So we run out escaped. But soon we are caught again. It all happened in that place where people drink beer while they drive and you hope to god its non- alcoholic. A prison in your head, a prison black and iron. In a prison where the only escape is death. In a second escape we are free but the land changes its in a kaleidoscope eye its and adventure but its really just an illusion when the truth is filled with hate lies are love. So we went on living in a lie, running in the bumps in the back of someone else’s head. To sad to cry, to tired to die. So you sit and talk with your radio even though he doesn’t have any ears. Would you spin your luck on good times or the empty white box no one quite would know when our foreheads were carved out long ago. How can we see when we are too dumb to remember. But what if it were true? What happens when the stars swim across your eyes and your world finally falls down. Is there someone to wake you up? Is there anyone left inside that sorrowed body, anyone left to live. Or did they all give up before they got there.
Track Name: girl
So ah I was, I was in this place and there was these things and ah like they were killing different things and so anyways ah I saw them attacking people and so then they but anyways they like. They like changed and so they were like people kind of but then since they were like people kind of they couldn’t tell we were people or if we were one of them and we hid that way. And there was this other girl there too who was also a human and she got found out. They were guna put her in this car and kill her but then they like made people shrink when they killed them for some reason so I like pushed their hand away and then they realized I was too and for some reason she got big again and we ran and over then there was this motorcycle deal. And I had written out in like this deal it was like music kind of motorcycle like by the sounds of it like how what to do. What to do to make the sound so if you made the sound that would ride it kind of so I knew how to ride this motorcycle because I had written out this thing somehow. And then anyway so we were looking for a place to hide and we went over to ah this other building and eventually I was riding on this motorcycle and I found this school aria inside this school and I when to the furthest room down and no one had seen me yet but I could see there was like people so I was like crap. And then there was these big lockers and one of them was open so I thought oh ill go in the locker, and then but then as I was going the principle of the school was like behind me and she said your like all messy look it you need to get cleaned up then I realized. Then I realized that like I had was wearing this sweater thing that was unzipped and I didn’t have a shirt underneath and I was all dirty, so she took me to the principles office and started talking to me that I should go home and get clothes and stuff or something. And then after we had been talking for a while then this, I was happy that I hadn’t got caught, and then so then after we had been going for a while. I don’t know the motorcycle just sort of disappeared like she didn’t even notice it. But then the girl I saw here running down the hall like yelling kind of and she saw me in the room through the door because it was like open. And the principle’s office was the first room down the big hall, and then so then she like came in and she was talking about stuff and the lady was also like a person and the girl said that, we had to use the. She said that I had like broken her heart and that she had come down and we realized that the three of us were still humans and we had to like do something and like get out stop what was going on kind of. So anyways then they were saying like, I was sort of just going along I didn’t even understand what they were talking about until after later on but like we had to use like the weird way of telling how to do things through sound that you wrote down through like levels on this paper kind of. So anyway, we had to use the sound thing that I was talking about to somehow over through these shape shifting like evil things that were killing everything kind of so yea and we realized we were ok and we could do it. Then I thought later like what like do we have anything now we cant just point out we don’t have one thing to just say like one thing like this is bad like what does that mean its like ourselves. That the evil things appeared to be human throughout the majority of it and then that like we ourselves are the because there’s nothing else that’s doing anything. So basically were the bad part and we need to save ourselves from ourselves because there is nothing else really doing anything wrong like were the only thing killing people and It was shown through the fact that in it the evil entities were shown as people like earlier in the very beginning they were robotic things that didn’t really look like people at all but then they changed once it actually started up really so yea. Yea that’s basically what its all. So the girl and the principle weren’t really people that I thought I would normally like that much but since like because we were like the only people there it like just goes to show like they only like human people understood each other like that and that we were the only ones we had the connection and we wanted similar things and that’s like a strong thing and we just liked each other because of that kind of. Because that’s like that legit shows that we new like we had that good connection. Because we were there we could like feel like we knew we were there we knew we were like both there we were all there and we were the same kind of thing and because we knew that and each other was wanting that we just naturally came together and like now when you have so much choices like that you don’t just do that but when your in a situation like that you just go like you connect with people for much broader things like you can connect with someone just because there a person. Anyone you know it could have been anyone. Because it doesn’t its just because were humans and then it works backwards like now there is so many more choices but then there was just three of us now there’s so many choices that we get all picky about it. And like, and if we want to get rid of our bad part of ourselves to make it all better kind of we need to like make connections with people just because their people because they have the same idea because yea. If we want to overcome ourselves we need to do that, because were the only thing that’s doing anything bad right now. Forever
Track Name: hail head
Falling from my cuts fauceting pipes blooming heads of a ice rich bright red. Beautiful happy looming red bulbs of florescent ice redden floating through the time in my head. I cry away dead sorrows but now I bleed hap life and warm ice for you. Bloom, bloom boom. Each light a window to my soul a gift for you. A warm light for ert. I disposable gift from the sky the blood of life bright ice red poured out for you. Precipitation speaks through me all this time. The blood of life one day falls from the sky freedom from the blood of imprisonment, which runs through our veins. A bridge to flesh a tape of the soul binding us to one reality. Now he speaks through me: I’m not bound by blood the soul of rain not taped down. I watch. I cry. Your prison has a chance of being beautiful not prison like. Inmates savor your time. One day you will be set free. When this body falls out of connection.
Track Name: mind of rain man
A forest walking trees drip dreams whisper to my sleep, cartoon portals, behind mind’s eye. Drooling a portrait of tracks ranged across ears. A line me, constellation path of the moon bird, his crescent beak pale chalk dust glow and eerie green. Flies through my forest to the grove of the pooling expressionist eye. He is drained out. Through coils of fruit rollup lips. Ride him to the berry tree, with citrus like deep white stars; watch as one bleeds a drip down the moon beak. In the belly of the moon bird now sprouts a cosmos tree. Rain man tends to it with eyes also swirling green, he feels a warm breeze of lite, and climbs up the tree to pick a star. He bites in as a bean takes a deep drink from his eye. The tear falls and a stalk grows, he climbs beans to the moon and you can still see his shadow there, sitting on the beak of the moon bird, the shadow was left behind to watch over the moon when he descended to the sky, to tend to the infant billing seas, hopefully we don’t make them boil again.
Track Name: expressionist eye
I saw when you closed your eyes thought so deep that you lost time. In a trance, and now you cant remember. A being shown through the vision of a daydreaming mind. A reflection of a minds eye through mind mirrors? (no) a entity glazed by an eye? (no) who can tell. Speak again, say if you’re the one who vibrates perspectives and parents heads. Did you show your self? It all had me questioning reality. When a life seems more simulation you must be present. To let go to let time flow free and wild. Rain fall down on your berry, I promise you your still a child. Tell me about the eye with two bushy brows and a swirl of green. You come begging and the rain fulfillingly falls and you answer is given to you. One day I will show you just wait XS BOM. I will show you there.
Track Name: anthills
Today go intergalactical mind bend through the ant hill into the non- perspective existence between worlds down to the pearl of the black holes in a oil dimension we think to be compressed organic matter but really is wormhole churn, compressed interdemntional matter of strange unknown form… now we enter.
The little bumps stick up on your brain for a reason. Like when you used to walk around in the summer bare-foot watching your world in wonder. What is really important? Keep it where women grow goatees and days where I watch upside down stairs and fine. Stay where the ostriches are so nice you can ride them nude through the golden fields, life isn’t meant to be a constipated turd. Naturally he is free and wild, time walks slower there too. Why speed up a world that’s already to fast. Don’t wait to die with a labyrinth on your head you haven’t explored. Wouldn’t not, wouldn’t not you flea from a dark spot, eraser pod truffelump. 3 forever valley lump Buddha not. You don’t know the next hill. That’s why, that’s why it’s great and what the flower children say. Leave why do they always need to know. It it make it it bored respect why? Let wim swim you over to. May the eraser pod truffelump ner forever wouldn’t not never be found. No pattern follow live. Breath. Not knowing, knowing friend with unknown. Bermuda mouth, leave the moon man alone, you die there for a reason without a suit, but don’t. Balance unknown leaving but still exploring because its great. Left, leave me the elongated nephlim capsule chap stare mind wonderer, love to learn just don’t do over the know importation balance is the torn. Keep newborn out; you get what you get. The best can for not be. Just wit daschense prenactal not. Saver the period not knowing. If they don’t get a good body, accept; balance bean brain hide search run slide, and keep the scale at level. What do you see? Who do you brain? Where rocks dream, and people sit in holes, the ground is green, and time is foreign. That’s where I sleep in dreams where I wish to be. That’s where I sleep in dreams.
Track Name: triple rainbow
All this crying, all this shaking. All this trying, its been long. This roping, but in the end its good. Length of state of mind of eye of time of rain of life of shake of mine is shaking my mind. A force so strong that it shakes you. I felt a force so strong that it shook me. Ice seen the flower of time, the expressionist eye, the rain man crying all in the depths of my mind, can a consciousness lie? Who are you or I to say if its meaning full?
I saw stars fall from the sky, I saw the berry below my cries, after taking so much this collaborative consciousness is truly open. A force so strong that it shook me, a connection that transcends time. All this strength all these symbols but is it really meaningful? Take time to listen closer for something less strong but with more meaning than ever. Next on rain man: a bouncing ball or two ha ha ha ha. After all these storms a light falls, once the clouds have dried the time has come. Sky dancing children speak to your eyes, not a white in the blue. In time who can you be? How lucky it is for anything. How much time we spend barfing and churning endless radiance lights come off a tong and fizz. Took a walk down to the train tracks on a sun day, and it was good. Give the child a rest. He’s been falling all day long but not down. I took time to appreciate great things like battle-axes and VHS tapes. Whoo!! Glistener I got sense. I luck; I score, on this whole deal. GAA! GOO! Dreaming in the night, fifty years from now who will you be? Rain man who are we, who are you? He will wait for me, I will wait for him. Close open. What will we say were wrong time, time, good by see you when you really far away with todays communication. Who were you? When I was sleeping I still live in dreams. When you were crying now your happy me too. What is an end? Who is your are? When its alright. You made it through thank you.